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Hey whats up my baby trolls welcome to the forums. Here you can find all the information about my content , get the latest updates , make recommendations for future content or even make donations or contributions. (top right corner) Also please Whitelist this site for popup-blocker , no-script , ad-blocker , ghostery so that we can 1. Mine JSE with your consent and 2. So you can use the Donate and social media buttons . Thank you for being so considerate.

Website Rules

Rule 1: No shit posting or posting in the wrong sections. (Will result in perma ban)

Rule 2: No Illegal Content , We have free speech and free exspression as long as its not illegal in the usa

Rule 3: Please be respectfull and polite , its ok to aurgue and disagree etc. Just no bullying or excessive name calling or disrespect. Just play nice ok.

Rule 4: Treat others the way you want to be treated

Rule 5: Use common sense and just avoid being a minge and try not to trigger people too hard.

Rule 6: Please no gore D: like i shouldent even have to put this but yeah no gore.(unless its news related or importent) However shit like shoveldoge etc is not acceptable.

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